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4 Signs Your Home Has Frozen Plumbing Pipes

4 Signs Your Home Has Frozen Plumbing Pipes

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frozen pipes in Colorado by Fix-It 24/7

The winter weather can create a wide variety of problems any homeowner should be aware of. One of these is when your plumbing’s pipes become frozen. When water freezes in your home’s pipes, it expands and can put up to 2,000 lbs of pressure PSI on the pipes. If this causes a pipe to burst, you’ll have to pay thousands of dollars to fix your pipes and the water damage to your home. Read on, and we can help you recognize when you should call for professional assistance.

Here are four signs your home is having problems with frozen pipes:


Slow, uneven water supply

A common sign of ice in the pipes is when your plumbing isn’t getting enough water. Are your faucets providing little or no water when you turn them on? That’s a possible sign of ice in the pipes blocking the flow of water. There are other reasons your water may be slow, but you shouldn’t rule out freezing as a possible cause.


Frozen or bulging pipes

If you ever get to look at your pipes, keep an eye out for pipes that have frost on them. Oftentimes that means that the pipe is experiencing problems with freezing. Also, if any pipes look like they’re bulging, there’s likely ice on the inside pushing against the pipe’s walls. Bulging pipes are a serious issue and you should call us right away if you see one.


Strange odors

Like with regularĀ drain clogs, ice can build up in your drains if those pipes aren’t properly insulated. When that happens, it can block the drain and cause sewage odors to come back up the drain. You may also be able to smell sewage if a pipe becomes damaged from frozen water.


Leaking and dampness

If a pipe is damaged from ice, you might notice the damage caused by the leaking in your home. Damp drywall, rings on the ceiling, and wet carpeting can all be signs of a leak in your home. You’ll want to keep an eye on ceilings that aren’t just below a roofline. Those areas are most likely to be leaking because of a damaged pipe.


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