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The Benefits of Whole-Home Surge Protection in Denver

The Benefits of Whole-Home Surge Protection in Denver

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whole-home surge protection in Colorado by Fix-It 24/7

Even if your home doesn’t get many power outages, power surges are a frequent occurrence in any home. On average, a home experiences 20 power surges every day, and half of them are from internal sources. Oftentimes, they’re so short you may not notice them. However, even short power surges can wear down the circuitry of your electronics. Installing whole-home surge protection in Denver can provide protection from these surges, big or small.

Here are five reasons to consider whole-home surge protection in Denver:


Protect your technology

Every year sees us adding more electronics and technology to our home. All of those gadgets and appliances have circuits that are vulnerable to power surges. Having whole-home surge protection is essential to protecting all of these devices. Without it, one too many surges could render your microwave broken with no clear indicator of what happened.


Most surges are generated internally

Most surges, which are caused by appliances in your home, are so short and weak you may not notice them. As an example, when your furnace’s motor turns on or off, it disrupts the steady flow of electricity. This disruption can cause a quick power surge in your home. However, even these small surges can damage your home’s electronics over time. Whole-home surge protection is capable of stopping these small surges.


Complete electrical system protection

A whole-house surge protector is capable of protecting more than your electronics and appliances. In fact, it protects your entire electrical system. If a brief surge is created by one of your appliances, your surge protector can divert it to your circuit breaker panel. From there, the circuit breaker safely shunts the surge, protecting all of your home’s electrical equipment.


Keep the lights on

Odds are, your lights will never go out due to a power surge caused by your appliances. However, power surges from the electrical grid are certainly strong enough to take out your lights. Whole-home surge protection acts as the first line of defense against surge-induced power outages.


Save money on electrical repairs

Spikes and surges in the grid can cause damage to your home’s electronics and electrical system. In fact, very strong surges can even blow your service panels or damage your home’s wiring. If you invest in whole-home surge protection, you can help save money on repairs and replacements for your electronics.


Why choose Fix-It 24/7 to protect my home from power surges?

Fix-It 24/7 is the Denver Metro Area’s go-to source for all your plumbing, heating, electrical and AC repairs and upgrades. We take pride in offering our customers world-class service, and we deliver that service 24/7. In addition, we back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a high ethical standard to ensure the customer is treated fairly. Call Fix-It 24/7 today if you’re looking to protect your electronics and your home from power surges!

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